Amelia Hooper

Amelia Hooper is an industry Content Creator based in Auckland, New Zealand. She is currently undertaking a role overseeing Brand Identity, Social Media and Content Strategy, Email, Paid Media, Branding, Events, and Marketing campaign work.

Prior to this, she spent 3 years in an Internal Communications team aiding in award-winning Marketing and HR strategies, also dabbling in Graphic Design. Before that, she shaped digital communications, marketing, and social outputs for Start-Up Blog ‘Marke+Ed’, as well as developing her own line of boutique wines.

Over the past years, through contract roles and consulting work, Amelia has shaped content, produced events, crafted social media strategy, and built online and offline communities for everything from small businesses to global brands.

She is a fan of good books and good coffee with equal enthusiasm, and when she’s not slinging Tweets and Snapchats, you’ll find her at the nearest beach or music venue.

As a content creator, I am captivated with the idea of making everything I do efficient and accessible. But more importantly, I have an absolute unwavering passion for all things creative done professionally and beautifully.

Try adding something different to your at-home coffee routine:

Almo Milk is made with an almond butter so there’s zero waste. BPA free bottles. No carrageenan, oils, maltodextrin, flavours or sugars. We also support 140 Victorian & South Australian Almond Growers. That’s Almo in a nutshell…

Why do you choose Almo for your coffee routine?

My coffee isn’t the same without it

As an obsessive for Almond Milk and the health benefits we all know it provides, I can’t go past a bottle of Almond milk that not only tastes good but looks like a winner in the bottle.

I am a wake-up and coffee-straight-away sort of person. It’s always a winner combination when there’s Almo in the fridge (and in the coffee). One of the struggles I have had with Almond Milk in the past has been trying to get that frothy milk texture my Flat White desires. Almo is one of the only brands I’ve managed to achieve this with. I’ve even convinced my local barista to stock it when I’m in need of a store-bought coffee!

How would you describe the taste of an Almo coffee?

An Almo coffee is a winner in my mind – it tastes great! Often Almond milks have that gritty-like texture or taste like you’re drinking a smoothie rather than a finer milk… not this one!

Almo is a product I love and swear by

Power of Caffeine

Almo & NZ Content Creator Amelia Hooper

The difference that first cup of beautiful espresso coffee can make in the morning… oh, the power of caffeine!

Funnily enough, in Turkey during the 14th century, there was a law which allowed the ladies to divorce their husbands if they were unable to provide a daily quota of coffee! Fair enough I guess.

What I like most about the whole idea of a coffee culture are the connections that coffee creates. It creates an environment for relationships of all types to start and end (well hopefully not…)

Coffee serving cafes have been meeting places for great thinkers, dreamers and creatives for years. Admittedly, I’ve been a little Coffee fiend for about 5 years now. I have built relationships with other coffee lovers, our reason to meet being that warm or cold coffee.

In this digital day and age, it’s even more important to spend time connecting face to face. I encourage you to make a time this week to reach out to an old friend, a family member or neighbour you haven’t seen in the flesh for a while. Take the time, enjoy the coffee and strengthen those connections.

-Words by Amelia Hooper

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