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Australian whole roasted almonds (4.2%), Coconut Sugar (2%), Calcium Carbonate, Xanthan & Sea Salt

Why Almo?

More almond, less crap; We don’t add vegetable oils, stabilisers, or any crappy bulking agents. Almo is clean and lean. Lean environmental impact. We make our almond milk with waste in mind, we use the whole almond; no soaking, no sieving, no pulp. Our Founder’s bro rescues bees and Australia has the best water irrigation standards in the world. No shipping containers of plant milk from Europe or the US!

What makes it different?

  • 5 ingredients, more local almonds, no added vegetable oils or refined sugar.
  • Sweetened with coconut sugar and using lightly roasted Australian almonds, we believe Almo is better tasting and more nutritious.
  • Sustainably made down the road from our growers, we’re proud to be 100% owned, made and grown in Oz.

What about the Bottle?
Why not Tetra?

Unfortunately, the cool kids on the block have been left behind, Tetra is no longer recyclable as they contain plastic and/or foil coatings and linings that prevent them from being recycled with cardboard or plastic. Almo Barista Blend is in a 100% fully recyclable plastic bottle, including the lid!