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Milk Made Better

What’s Almo?

Almo is a co-operative backed Australian almond milk company producing sustainable, local and nutritious almond beverages and products. We’re passionate about producing clean products that reduce waste, are environmentally sustainable and consciously produced. Almo is loved by anyone who appreciates simple, delicious-tasting and wholesome food products.

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The Cleaner Barista Blend Almond Milk

5 ingredients, more local almonds and no added vegetable oils or refined sugar.

Our new Barista Blend is sweetened with coconut sugar and made from lightly roasted 100% Australian almonds. We believe Almo is better tasting and more nutritious.

  1. Simpler ingredients; Just 5
  2. 40 whole almonds in every bottle
  3. Using less than 2% coconut sugar
  4. Locally and sustainably made

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ALMO Crème 375 ml Glass Jar 2 pack

Out of StockProduct Image

Almo Natural Crème 375ml PET 12 pack

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Almo Original Carton (12 x 1L)


Cooking With Almo

Vegan Almo Brownie

Try our delicious Vegan Almo Brownie! Or for a savoury fix, click below to see all our great recipes!

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