100% Almond Crème – Almo

100% Almond Crème

Enjoy 5L of Ultra-Cream
Almo Quality Almond Milk


How does it work?

Our Almo Crème is made entirely of 100% Australian almonds, nothing else. Simply spoon Almo Crème into a shaker with some water and voila, fresh Almond Milk.

So easy, so simply, the freshest, most sustainable and most nutritious almond milk guaranteed in less than 20 seconds!

  • Each jar makes about 5L of ultra-creamy Almo quality almond milk
  • Makes up to 10L of other brands quality almond milk
  • 100% Australian Almonds
  • Vegan, Dairy-Free, and Gluten-Free
    • Storage & Shelf-life: 12-month shelf life even once open. Store in your pantry or in a cool dry place.

Making Almo Milk is as Easy as Spoon, Blend, Chill!


Mix 1 Tbsp of Almo Crème with
250ml of water


Shake well or blend for 5 seconds!


Chill your fresh Almo M*lk and
use within 4 days

If separation of the natural almond oil occurs, simply stir to restore to a creamy consistency.

This Product is

  • Zero Waste

  • Dairy Free

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Barista Friendly

  • No Added sugar


What is Almo Crème?

Almo Crème is a versatile almond base which makes instant fresh almond milk and can also be used as a non-dairy substitute for butter, cream or spreads.

How is Almo Crème different to almond butter?

Almond butter is churned for a short time from roasted almonds. Almo uses a unique blend and variety of almonds. We remove the skin and churn for over 24 hours to create a ‘liquid almond’. No added oils or additional ingredients. There are 200 almonds in every jar.

Do I need to use a blender to make Almo Milk?

You can make Almo Milk from Almo crème using a jar, a protein shaker or a blender bottle. If making porridge, simply stir in a tablespoon of crème with a cup of water when cooking oats.

Once I make almond milk from the crème, how long does it last?

Generally, the milk will last 2-3 days in the fridge. If using hot or boiling water, it will generally last 4-5 days.

How long does it take to receive my order?

We process orders every day. Your order will arrive to your destination within 3 business days (1 day or less for handling, 2 days in transit). Larger orders may take longer to arrive. As soon as your order is fulfilled you’ll receive an email with tracking information.

What else can Almo crème be used for?

EVERYTHING! Check out our recipes and Instagram for more inspiration. Our customers come up with the best ideas. Everything from almond vegan cheesecake, ice-cream, almond satay, in wraps, salad dressings, dips, baking, acai bowls and drizzled on toast with honey and banana! Or just eat it out of the jar, it’s that good!

Will the milk split in coffee?

Yes, separation is natural because you are using just almonds and water. Simply shake. We recommend using our original 1L Almo Milk for coffee. Otherwise, add a pinch of xanthan if you want to reduce separation in your morning coffee.

Are the almonds organic?

We currently work with a Co-op of over 150 growers. The almonds are pesticide free and fumigant free. We cannot certify all 150 growers but believe they are the highest quality grade almonds.

Does it froth well?

Yes, it’s amazing. Because it contains double the amount of almonds than most commercial barista blend almond milks, it froths super well!

How much Almo Creme do i add to make a cup of milk?

We advise using a tablespoon of Almo creme to add into a cup of water. To be exact as tablespoons vary, (12.5g creme with 240ml of water).

To make 1L – simply add 50g of Almo Creme to 950mL of water and blend.

You can find a full Ratio Table in the gallery on this page. Please note, you can add more or less to get the desired creaminess.

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