Creamy Vegan Salad Dressing

Smooth, satisfying and highly versatile, this plant-based salad dressing is perfect for Caesar salads, kale salads, potato salads and more. 


Prep: 5 mins | Serves: 2

Whether you’re craving a crispy coleslaw or hearty pasta salad, there’s always an occasion that calls for a creamy salad dressing. But let’s face it, store-bought varieties are often ridden with calories, hidden sugar, saturated fat, artificial flavours and preservatives. Not to mention, they are rarely vegan. 

That’s when a little finesse in the kitchen can make adjusting to a vegan lifestyle a thousand times easier — and mastering this creamy vegan salad dressing is one recipe you’ll want in your repertoire. 

It’s fresh, flavourful, and so simple. There’s no soaking, grinding or blending cashews. You simply throw all the ingredients in a jar and shake vigorously. You’re left with a silky-smooth salad dressing that’s low in calories, rich in healthy fats, vitamin E, calcium and protein. 

Plus, it’s easily adapted to accompany any salad. We love it with a touch of lemon drizzled over sliced heirloom tomatoes, mixed with fresh minced garlic on fragrant basil and white beans, or slightly sweetened with honey on crisp arugula and roasted cauliflower.



  • 4 tbsp Almo Crème
  • 4 tbsp apple cider
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp Dijon mustard
  • Cracked salt, pepper


  1. Throw all ingredients into a jar and shake vigorously, or simple whisk in a bowl.
  2. Add enough salt and pepper to taste. Pour over your salad and enjoy!
  3. The dressing will keep refrigerated for 3 weeks. Although, natural separation will occur, so shake mildly before use.