An Australian Grown Plant Milk Alternative with No Questionable Additives


In 2014 we were drinking diluted almond milk made with carrageenan, vegetable oils, sweeteners, flavours, corn maltodextrin, imported almonds and even misleading almond content claims here in Australia.  It made no ^*%! sense. That’s why we founded Almo Milk.
Almo Milk has been working ‘cooperatively’ with Almondco Australia, to  exclusively source and produce the finest and purest tasting almond milk in Australia. A collaborative partnership to create a non-dairy milk that supports & promotes Almondco Australia’s growers. 
Many long life almond milks contain sugars, stabilisers, starches and added oils. Fresh almond milks are expensive, have a short shelf life and are unsafe for pregnant women and children to consume. We created Almo Milk with no questionable additives and more goodness. Wholesome, nutritious and delicious.